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Second Chance Program

When in a situation in which you live in your car or motels, saving up money for rent and a deposit on a new home is an incredibly difficult feat, in addition to having to take care of your children. The Second Chance Program finds families families who are working towards a better future but have found themselves in hard times. We pay for their first and last month’s rent, provide them with groceries and games, and even furnish the house that gets to become their home. We have been forever impacted by each family that has been a part of the Second Chance Program and are beyond grateful that we get the privilege to help them get a fresh start. We are so proud of and thankful for the efforts made by our team, volunteers, and the community for helping make this program become a reality!

Family Fridays

Once a month in partnership with Pizza Hut, Operation Gift a Smile will visit motels in Anaheim to give out a warm meal and board game to the residents for the evening. This program is designed to encourage quality family time which is crucial to the development of a child.

Smile Packs

Did you know that children in foster care often carry their few personal belongings in trash bags when they move from one place to the next? We aim to change that by giving away a versatile backpack instead through our Smile Packs program. Assembled by our gracious volunteers, Smile Packs constitute of a colorful backpack, custom fleece blanket and a small gift like sunglasses or a stuffed animal. The hand-made fleece blankets with a unique print will stay with these children no matter where they move to and can provide the security and warmth needed in a new and unfamiliar place.

Birthday Gifts

For some, turning 16 comes with great excitement after anxiously waiting to obtain a drivers license and getting behind the wheel. But for foster youth, this milestone doesn’t come too often and reliable transportation is hard to come by. Operation Gift a Smile recognizes this need and to help fill the gap, the organization donates a bicycle, lock and helmet to emancipating teens from 16 to 18 years of age on their birthdays. This gift will provide a sustainable mode of transportation so they can get to school, work, or simply to be a kid and cruise. In addition, we gift the new bike with a personalized birthday card offering warm wishes from our awesome volunteers at Operation Gift a Smile.

"Operation Gift a Smile will continue to build new programs and activities with the mission to bring smiles to the faces of children and youth in need and to demonstrate that we care. The future looks bright and we are so excited to give back to those around our community and spread kindness."

Anthony Jakstis

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